PENICUIK helpexchange volunteering at Valleyfield House



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Valleyfield House volunteer food market. Now in its twenty-seventh year.

 Every Saturday morning this organic and fair trade market is run by a group of local volunteers. But there’s always more to do here than we can cope with

helpexchange volunteers are welcome to join in maintaining the house and gardens and working to keep the service going. Volunteers live as part of the family. As well as the food co-op you can give a helping hand to some of the other things that go on here: the weekly café and exhibitions in the town hall, the weekly community cinema, events and exhibitions at the local arts centre, café and craftshop, Penicuik pottery, Ladywood leisure centre. You’ll meet a range of local craftspeople. You’ll be

·       part of the family and the community

·       at the heart of an attractive small town

·       in the country with valleys and hills right beside you

·       within reach of the heart of Edinburgh

·            served by Edinburgh’s regular buses all day and night

·       in a place where you can find quiet and peace and the joys of nature

There’s lots to see and do round about. If you want you can join the local volunteers in a singing group in Rosslyn chapel and other ancient vaulted spaces nearby.

You may a chance to learn craft skills like pottery, breadmaking and spinning, lots of conversation if you want it, and plenty of books and films to talk about. 


Back in 2012 we began a big new project to restore THE LOST GARDEN OF PENICUIK as a Trust initiative to grow local food.  After  record production last year , work is nearly done for the Lost Garden’s fourth growing season and we’ve been planning the fifth. The Trust now runs an old-established PRINT & STATIONERY SHOP as another community business linked to our new paper and print museum while the Trust’s weekly COMMUNITY CINEMA continues to prosper. The big project for now is PENICUIK STOREHOUSE a new bakery, café, VH foodstore and cash & carry, Lost Garden Food Hall, Indoor Market, Beyond Foodbanks Social Solidarity Store, training areas and community space in the heart of the town, run by a community benefit society and financed by a community share offer.



Valleyfield House volunteer Saturday market helpers 1990-2015:

current helpers: Roger Kelly, Michael Cook, Belle Claudi, David Livingstone and helpex volunteers (we sing too -join us!)

(past helpers- Roddy Johnston, Kirsty Robertson, Rose Scott, Johnny Barton, Tom Kelly, Katie Owen, Gus Fisher, Wouter Modderkolk, Mandy Manouvrier, Tom Sydes, Kate Hayworth)


Valleyfield helpexchange volunteers 2008-16:

2008 Mike Greer, Elizabeth Laudenslager, Christina Suter, Sheila Nichols, Bill Nichols, Lauren Williams, Dani Mazzotti, Simon Schiaratura, Katharina Rehberg, Hannah Schlegelmilch, Kalina Suter, Stephanie Poole,

2009 Hank Guterson, Maria Jesus Villanueva Millan, Sergio Piñeiro Hermida, Brad Beitscher, Aimee Mossa, Thomas Bru, James Romine, Christina Suter, Elizabeth Morgan, Janis Finn,

2010 Ciaran Patterson Taylor, Sebastian Pohl, Sandra Liebram, Maria Andres, Jai Larkman, Sindy Burk, Samuel Rodríguez Cardeñas, Eva Caballé Moreno, Charlotte Munoz, Abel Munoz, Thibaut Schaeffer, Steffi Kick, Luke Gibson,

2011 Esme Gaisford, Emily Heard, Jennifer Eger, Constantin Blaum, Luke O’Sullivan, Matt Wilson, Karen House, James Butcher, Shauna Kohn, Nathan Bunn, Trevor Kavanagh, Andrew Chornohus, Thomas Vautrin, Simon Moffat, Francesc Domenech Molins, Ciaran Patterson Taylor, Patrick Mykoda, Simon Bangert, Annie Olivier, Jannell Russell, Aviva Gaphni,

2012 Simone ‘Pepe’ Faita, Yonatan Lewin, Malte Gentz, Rike Adler, Victor Somveille, Tim McGurk, Tsz ho Kuok (Vito), Louis Rus, Pedro Nunez, Ronja Thum, Vito (return), Anna Du, Alex Biscarner, Cynthia Jonas, Daniel Gaupi De Lima,

2013 Alyssa Watson, Lorimar Albert, Diego Frey Miras, Arda Akkas, Ben Wood, Eric Sol Cañagueral Van der Wal, Laura Barrero Solé, Alexander ‘Augie’ Cummings, Hayley Chandler, Vicky Burns, Renee Clothier, Mark Solly, Katharina Hupe, Anna Sommer, Simon Yves Joel Platau, Maria Jose Calvo Miño, David Rodriguez Carreño, Curtis Simmons, Jack Holland, Britt Warren.

2014 Rosy McLean, David Ra Apache, Nathaniel Weir-Wakely, Ashleigh Westphal, Marc Gotthardt, Woonggeol Kim (Wesley)*, Marc (return), Stoica Petricã, Judit Lengyel, Patrick Flisikowski, Cheryl Gould, Bonna Tersch, Yannic Franz, Emma Dreidger, Pierre Vigneron, Heather & Terry Sowtis, Emma (return),Yannic (return), Yulia Kulakova, Gonzalo Luque, Norma Harris, Chris Coleman, Gonzalo (return), Josiah & Miguel Peralta, Judit (return), Keith & Gwenda Hollick, Paul Field.

2015  Judit Lengyel (return), Andrea Tonolo, Dieke Majoor & Willemien Brower (school practical placement), Nicole Hirtl, Georg Trimmel, Antonio di Santo, Claire Skahan, Jesahel Cornu, Tobias Stoessel, Xavi Puig, Marc Gotthardt (return and as visitor), Núria Alcaraz, Jenny & Dave Adams, Bek Thomas, TimMcGurk (return as visitor), Blai Gonzales Guell, Nicole & Georg (return), Anna Sommer (return), Itziar Sapsootham, Anartz Fernandez.

2016  Ladislav Koutsky, Sam Lingwood, Joey Schmidt, Sarah Tyree, Amy Bishop, Sandy Hempe, Karolis Averka, Tobias Stoessel (return), Jalmer Johnson, Kristen Ross, Ádám Valentin, Nayoung Byun, Anna Lits, Corinne Johnson, Keno McCullough, Miquel Giménez Pérez, Rosie Leadbitter, Evie Leadbitter, Anna Lits (return as visitor), Talia Humphrey, Terry & Heather Sowtis (return), Caleb Groth, Anna Sommer (return).

2017  Anna Sommer (return) Josef Woon, Melanie Chevalier, Vincent Turpin, Greg & Ali Perry, Kirsten Metcalfe, Amelia Handscombe, Joris Messina, Lèo  Eyard, Anne-Maria Dubeau, Talia Humphrey, Kate Cohen.



Valleyfield House Gardens:

Jane Kelly, Roger Kelly and helpex volunteers

Plus past garden helpers David Robertson, Graham Louttit, David Kinnen, Reuben Crook, Matthew Watson, Jill Hayward, Katy Sydes.

Penicuik Town Hall Saturday Open House

Valleyfield House helpex volunteers from 2008 onwards

The Lost Garden of Penicuik:

Valleyfield House helpex volunteers from 2012 onwards

Valleyfield House Honey:

(past: Margaret Nixon, Maurice Checker)

VH inspirers:

Elva Allan, Rose Scott, Christine Soane, Brennan Soane



















Penicuik volunteers’singing group

Penicuik Arts Festival






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