VH bread

Trusty Crust organic bread from East Saltoun Bakery was

delivered in quantity to Penicuik every week for years.

But Trusty Crust ceased to trade in May 2009.

Look out for our new supplies from the Engine Shed

A sorrowful look at the old favourites from Trusty Crust:

Morning Rolls 25p

Fruit Scones 30p

Croissants 50p

Cheese Whirls 60p

Chelsea Buns 60p

Baguette 70p

Small Sunflower Seed Loaf 1.20

Small Wholemeal Loaf 1.20

Rye Sourdough Loaf 1.20

Small Pain au Levain 1.20

Small White Cob 1.20

Granary Cob 1.20

Large Granary Cob 1.80

Large Pain au Levain 1.80

Large Walnut Loaf 1.80

Wholemeal sliced loaves wrapped 1.90


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