The Orkney families


CUSITERS of Nether Hobbister, Stennes


George Firth Cusiter (b Firth 1830) left Orkney and became a teacher at Buccleuch School in Croft Street, Dalkeith

and later Gasworks Manager there, succeeding his father-in-law John Young.

A well-regarded man of science, he died with a young family in Dalkeith in 1874

His wife Mary (b Galashiels 1837, d Portobello 1915) initially stayed on and raised her family at the Gasworks

His children were

Christina (b Orkney 1859 d after18 days)

George (b Dalkeith 1860 d Silverton, Oregon 1937)

Christina Clapperton “Tina” (b Dalkeith 1863; d Portobello 1914)

John (b Dalkeith 1867; d in infancy)

Mary Jane (b Dalkeith 1869 d after 1 month)

Mary Jane Macgregor “Geegie” (b Dalkeith 1870; d Portobello 1923)

Margaret Leask “Meg” (b Dalkeith 1871; d Portobello 1920)


George Firth Cusiter                  Master George and Miss Christina “Tina” Clapperton Cusiter



Master George –a schoolmaster’s son, was awarded an English prize in Dalkeith at the young age of 7.

The mark WYo suggests this came to be held by uncle William Young (1840-1907) presumably after young George left for America.




Tina’s daughter, Mona Torrance (1889-1987) - A Portobello life






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