Max Lock 1909-1988

people and planning


People and Planning: The life and work of Max Lock

Travelling exhibition introduced by Mike Theis at the 1998 SEDA Patrick Geddes Symposium, Penicuik; later shown at the Scottish Office, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh.



Timber house for Muriel Welsford

1909-39 Diversity and Integration


Scalby project 1940

Hull Regional Survey 1942

Max Lock : Architects' Journal : 29 July 1943

1940-43 Hull School and Civic Diagnosis


Getting involved, Middlesbrough

Co-operative living - Moor Close, Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough Survey & Plan: penny pamphlets

Presenting the Middlesbrough Survey & Plan: 1945

1944-45 Applying Diagnosis


First statutory development plan

Portsmouth: a pilot Regional Plan

1946-49 Plans as Tools for Administration


1950-64 Contesting Plans


1950-64 Planning Overseas


1965-67 Best of Both Worlds


1968-72 Protagonist and Antagonist


1973-88 Planning for Rapid Growth


A Retrospective View - A Legacy of Planning Insight







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