In the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006 and 2007    


Inspired by Taizé, sang

Taizé for your Soul

at St Marks, Castle Terrace, and at Old St Johns.  Although not part of the Fringe in 2008,  they will be singing in ancient Vaults around Edinburgh on Sunday afternoons as they have done every week for almost a decade -click here   


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007    



Inspired by Taizé


Taizé for your Soul



St Marks, 7 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

 EH1 2DP  venue 125


Wednesday August 1st 2007

& Saturday August 25th

5pm (1hr) £5 (£4)


Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus, confitemini Domini aleluia

Laudate omnes gentes, laudate Dominum

Nada te turbe nada te espante, quien a Dios tiene nada le falta

Bless the Lord my soul & bless God’s holy name

Stay with me, remain here with me, watching & praying

O- pauvreté source de lumière, Jésus donne-nous un cœur de pauvre

Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini

O Christe Domine Jesu, o Christe Domini Jesu!

Bonum est confidere in Domino, bonum sperare in Domino

Dona la pace Signore, a chi confide in te, Dona dona la pace Signore

Jésus le Christ, lumière intérieure, ne laisse-pas mes ténèbre me parler

Gloria tibi Domine, Domine, Gloria tibi Domine, Domine

Santo, Santo, Santo, mi corazon te adora!

Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom!

Adoramus te Christe, benedicimus tibi, quia per crucem tuam, rede misti mundum

O Lord hear my prayer, o Lord hear my prayer, when I call, answer me

O--- Jesu Christe o---- in te confide!

Gloria, gloria, gloria, Patri & Filio, gloria, gloria, gloria, Spiritui Sancto

C’est toi ma lampe Seigneur. mon Dieu  éclire ma ténèbre

Jubilate Deo omnis terra, servite Domino in lætitia

Oadoramus te, o Christe!


Unconnected with the Taizé community, our informal group sings every Sunday in and around Edinburgh in ancient vaults that lend themselves to the sound of simple vocal harmonies.  Years ago in Penicuik some Friends and others familiar with silent worship began to meet in each other's houses to share some of the harmonic Taizé chants.  These gatherings became a weekly highlight and someone suggested we sing the chants to the damp silence of the crypt at Rosslyn Chapel nearby.  Singing together in such powerfully enclosed stone space gradually became the mainspring of the group’s time together, leading us to seek out other vaulted places with similar qualities of sound and silence. 

For years we’ve sung every Sunday afternoon in rotation in the medieval spaces of Rosslyn Chapel crypt, Crichton Church, Seton Chapel, Dunfermline Palace undervault & Craigmillar Castle great hall, with the kind permission of their custodians. In the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006 we sang at St Mark’s, Castle Terrace for the first time and we are here again twice for the Fringe in 2007. 

People come and go, but our small group carries on, sharing an affection for these and other cool, damp ancient places which have wonderful acoustics and qualities of silence for the meditative chants we sing.  People come to our group from different religious backgrounds and from none.  We are not directed or trained, and only one or two read music.  Instead we listen to each other and to the surrounding space.  Our choice of chants, how they begin & end, & the silences that follow, all come from within.

The spaces that we sing in are special.  Rosslyn Chapel crypt's cool dampness, scalloped vaulting and recesses produce a depth of sound and silence to calm the frenetic activity of increasing numbers of visitors above.  Crichton Chapel, in sight of Crichton castle and carefully restored by its own small Trust, has a high vault and a wonderful ambience, clearly made for voices.  Seton Chapel, simple, empty and airy, has an approach by woodland walk and walled garden that seems to prepare the soul.  Craigmillar Castle's great hall is a solid high-sounding stone chamber reached by a winding stair and overlooking the south of the city and the flanks of Arthur's Seat.  Birdsong is never far away in these places, except in the dark hours of night.  Not one of them is easy to reach.  Unlocked at the furthest part of a building, or at the end of a long road, a path, a garden, a stairway, they can refresh our spirit with peace and harmony if we open our hearts to share it.                       


We continue to sing as usual on Sunday afternoons -any venue entrance charges apply

Seton Collegiate Chapel

3.15 Sunday 5 August, 2 September, 30 September, 28 October 2007

Crichton Collegiate Church

3.15 on Sunday 12 August, 9 September , 7 Oct harvest service-earlier time,4 Nov.2007

Rosslyn Chapel Crypt

3.15pm on Sunday 19 Aug,16 Sept,14 Oct,11 Nov.; (plus short 7.15 service on 26 Aug) 2007

Craigmillar Castle Great Hall

3.15 on Sunday 26 August, 23 September, 21 October, 18 Nov.2007

Dunfermline Palace Undervault

2.15 on 25 November 2007


for 2008 singing dates and places and more about our group go to

Roger Kelly  01968 677854


Also in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007 at St Marks, Castle Terrace

singing group JAMMIES ~just like a river


for the VAULTS part in the 2008 Penicuik Festival in late August-early September

see the Penicuik Festival website



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