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                               Thomas Adams 1871-1940         Carlops farmer to the Garden Cities of tomorrow

                                          Jim Aitken 1947-        Scotland’s legendary Grand Slam rugby skipper

               Helen Bannerman 1862-1946        artist writer of children’s stories

                                         Thomas Bouch 1822-1880         engineer of the Penicuik railway who came to grief 

      Athole Cameron 1923-1992         teacher and writer 

Agnes Campbell, Lady Roseburn 1637-1716        printer, publisher, papermill owner

                        Sir John Clerk FRS 1637-1716       talented designer, composer, landowner

                Alexander Cowan 1775-1859        papermaker and philanthropist

           Samuel Rutherford Crockett 1860-1914         free church minister & popular novelist

   James Cossar Ewart FRS 1851-1933        zoologist and animal breeder

                                     Marjorie Fidler 1734-1819         Penicuik’s eighteenth century businesswoman

                   James Finlayson 1772-1852       founder of Finland’s second city

   James Arnot Hamilton 1923-       Concorde designer

                   Cargill Gilson Knott FRS 1856-1922         mathematician, pioneer seismologist in Japan

                        John Leadbetter 1788-1865      linen merchant & railway developer

                         Siobhan Miller 1987-       rising folk singer of rare gifts

                                                  Geoff Palmer 1940-       world grain scientist & Scotland-Jamaica historian

                                   Nabil Shaban 1953-       well-known actor, writer, film-maker

                                       Albert Watson 1942-      one of the worlds leading photographers 

                                                    Jonathan Whitfield 1946-          US expert in neonatal and pediatric critical care

                        Andrew Hastie Wilson     Canada’s eminent engineer 

                                  CTR Wilson FRS 1869-1959       Nobel laureate, inventor of the cloud chamber

              John & William Young (1815-1906)      Gas, water and shale oil engineers



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