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Freecycle chairs & cabinet

freecycle penicuik chir sunset boulevard

sunset boulevard

Penicuik freecycle tubular chair sixties tubular classic

sixties tubular classic –cover needs a spruce up

Penicuik freecycle cabinet

neat shelves inside


these now gone…



Stacking chairs already gone

200 of these classic Esavian stacking chairs were recently disposed of nearby – just a few of them were saved by freecyclers. Many more stacking and high backed chairs recently rehomed.

Penicuik freecycle blue lacquer shaped Danish tubular chairs Penicuik freecycle blue lacquer shaped Danish tubular chairs detail

Dozens of these beautiful blue lacquer shaped Danish tubulars scrapped in Edinburgh have been found appreciative new homes.


Freecycle Sofa

Wrap-around confection in pale soft green on a Japan-Danish inspired teak frame. In fairly good nick. 180x80x85 approx. Foam-filled in zip covers. Looking for attention and appreciation after decades of neglect and ridicule, it was finally taken by a Roslin freecycler.

Freecycle sofa now taken

Freecycle gateleg now taken




also recently offered by rangoonzoo for collection in Penicuik:

Knitting machine : Hairdressers display stand : Packing boxes : Tomato plants

Bean bags : Linen : Wine rack : Band saw : Electric shredder

Bevel bench saw : Floor lamp : Table tennis table : Plants

Wardrobes : Stacking chairs : Stacking tables



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Freecycled already in Penicuik

Classic Commer campervan



Camper has been off the road for the last 2 and a half years and is therefore in need of a major mechanical overhaul. The van currently does not start and requires significant welding underneath. It will need a flat bed van to move (not tow). However it comes with an absolutely incredible amount of spares - including engine parts, lights, windscreen and set of wheels - to help to keep it going for the next 30+ years. No Road Tax or MOT (on SORN).  An exciting project for a classic camper enthusiast!









Details: British Racing Green Rootes Group Commer PB Camper Van; Year of Manufacture: 1974; Registration Mark: PSR 469M; Mileage: Genuine 41,000miles; Engine Capacity: 1725cc; Right Hand Drive; Manual Transmission; Fuel: Petrol.


Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children

Original Wooden Interior with Red Leatherette Seats

Pop-Top roof allowing standing room or 2 small hammock beds in roof

Bench seats and table or front facing rear seats converting to double bed.

Secondary Leisure battery (charges from main battery) provides power for interior lighting


Gas Cooker and Grill

Gas Fridge


Cassette Radio and speakers mounted in rear

Original pillar standing jack

Workshop Manual




Commer in Commer


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A few more upcoming Penicuik events

And some recent ones


Penicuik Arts Festival August & September  2009

A few images of Penicuik






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