Penicuik Town Hall

May 2007: Thanks to Midlothian Council, the Town Hall has now been refurbished, staff have been brought back to the building, and it is open again for local events and organisations.  Penicuik Community Development Trust has resumed its Saturday Open House 10am -2pm. Council and Trust saw the building as a focus for community regeneration, and the council set up a users’ advisory group.

2008-2009: In 2008 the Council raised charges, discontinued the users’ advisory group and withdrew some of the building’s janitorial support. The Trust continues its Saturday Open House and weekly exhibitions and the fortnightly Town Hall Cinema has now been open for public performances since 2007 and was nominated for a BFFS award in 2008: see  full cinema programme here


Ladywood Leisure Centre

Now community run.   Not closed or demolished as originally proposed by Midlothian Council.  Following agreement with the Council, and without a break in operations, Ladywood Leisure Centre management transferred in March 2007. The Ladywood Centre is now run by Penicuik people for Penicuik people and busier than ever before, thanks to the efforts of the newly-formed Penicuik Community Sports & Leisure Foundation, its band of volunteer helpers, and Iain Ramage, centre manager. Check all details with Ladywood reception at 01968 678473:

£29 hour for outdoor all weather pitch (£16 junior); £26 hour for hire of games hall (£13 junior) , £9 hour for the general purpose room (£5 junior); £5.60 hour casual badminton court; reduced rates for youngsters, other concessions available; boxing club and facilities available. Sports tuition; showers, changing rooms, lockers. Regular groups for bingo, boxercise, line dancing, salsa dancing, trampolining, yoga; resident sport therapist. Children’s parties and discos, all-new bouncy castle, kitchen.

Check details with Ladywood reception at 01968 678473.  Ladywood Leisure Centre website under development at


Jackson Street School

Now demolished.  For many years empty and unused, Jackson Street School had been the base for the classes run by the Penicuik Community Education Association.  A public meeting called by PCEA in 2006 deplored Midlothian Council’s proposal to close it.  In May 2007 Midlothian Council were believed to have sold off this community facility in the town centre.  It remained in use over that summer. For the rest of the year and through 2008 to 2009 the premises were locked and empty, surrounded by tarmac and railings. There has been action in the community to bring this attractive old building and the open space around it back to beneficial local activity once again, with meetings and an exhibition in Penicuik Town Hall on 31 October 2009. The Business Plan for re-use of Jackson Street School was prepared by PCDT and submitted to Midlothian Council on 2 November 2009. Read about the

campaign to buy this building for community use and the Council’s demolition of this Penicuik asset in 2010. The Trust now proposes a rather different in-town project at Bank Mill


Queensway Leisure Centre

Like Ladywood, a comparatively modern council Leisure Centre, this was proposed for closure. Instead, it was transferred in 2007 to YMCA/YWCA. In return Midlothian Council took over and closed the Y’s former site at the top of Kirkhill for clearance and residential development. 


Kirkhill leisure facilities

Originally the Kirkhill school, this became leisure facilities for Eskmills papermakers and their families.  When the Eskmills closed in 1968, the community facilities were taken over by YMCA / YWCA who continued to develop and operate them for nearly 40 years.  In a 2007 deal with Midlothian Council, the Y transferred to Queensway, and the Kirkhill site was substantially cleared. 


“The Penicuik Centre

March 2007: Midlothian Council’s new swimming pool, library, leisure facility and car park opens next to Penicuik High School making the town centre facilities at Jackson Street and the neighbourhood centres at Ladywood and Queensway no longer sustainable by the Council.


Penicuik Community Arts Centre

Penicuik’s trailblazing community owned and run facility, with events, exhibitions, a café and craft shop in the town centre since the derelict building at 4 West Street was transferred by Midlothian Council and restored by volunteer efforts in 1979.  Bill Fearnley, current chair of Penicuik Community Council, was a moving spirit of Penicuik Community Arts at that time, and he was to take a leading role in the campaign to save and run the Ladywood Centre nearly 30 years later.












Earlier ePetition at Scottish Parliament

Petition PE990

Additional information (pdf size 107 KB posted 29.8.2006)

Petition by Derek Rosie and Colin McCall. on behalf of Penicuik Community Education Association, calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to review the provision of community leisure facilities across Scotland, given for example the proposed closure of Ladywood and Queensway Community Leisure Centres and the Jackson Street Community Learning Centre facilities in Penicuik.

Petitioner: Colin W McCall

Number of signatures:


Date lodged:

25 August 2006

Summary:  27 August 2006  :   The Public Petitions Committee agreed to invite the Scottish Executive to indicate whether it intends to review the provision of community leisure facilities across Scotland  20 March 2007  :   The Public Petitions Committee noted the lack of a response to this petition from the Scottish Executive and agreed to write to the relevant Minister to seek a response and an explanation for the delay. 












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