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Thomas Adams 1871-1940†††††††† Edinburgh to the Garden Cities of tomorrow

George Thomas Beilby 1850-1924 Scots industrial chemist, adviser, benefactor

††††††††††† Thomas Bouch 1822-1880††††† Cumbrian engineer who overreached himself†††††††

†††††††† Richard Henry Brunton 1841-1901 Father of Japanís lighthouses & builder of Yokohama

†††††††† Mona Caird 1852-1932††† Novelist, essayist, critic, social reformer

†††††††††††† William Cavaye 1802-1896Jamaica to India & Edinburgh: a generalís life

Christian Clapperton 1815-1902 ††Scones in Selkirk gas works†††††††††††††† .

†††††††††† James Finlayson 1772-1852†††† Penicuik-born founder of Finlandís second city

†††††††††††† Colin McVean Gubbins 1896-1976†††† Wartime head ofSpecial Operations Ėa childhood album

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Mary Jeune 1849-1931†††† ††London society hostess, journalist, alderman & charity worker

††††††††††††††† Max Lock 1909-1988†††††††† 20th century town planner of imagination & hope

††††††††††††† John Claudius Loudon 1783-1843Innovative improver of agriculture, gardens, urban design

††††††††††††††††††††† Winston Monk 1912-1954††† New Zealand Rhodes scholar, gymnast, thinker, teacher

††† Hugh Miller 1802-1856†††††††† Brilliant stonemason haunted by demons

†††† Marjory Simpson 1808-1891 †††Enthusiastic musician & passionate bather

†† Mona Torrance 1889-1987††† Spanning two worlds: a Portobello life

††††††††††††††††††††††† John Young 1849-1938††† Paris refiner, Edinburgh florist & Western Australian


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