director Craig Collinson, production manager Tom Kelly:

 Nobles Gate for Channel 4  screened 2006

 images from Danny Carr’s original photographs :  -   all rights reserved.




The Last Duel

director Craig Collinson, production manager Tom Kelly

 Nobles Gate for BBC Timewatch screened 2007 & 2008

James Landale, a correspondent for the BBC, is descended from one of the two men who fought the last recorded fatal duel on Scottish soil. Relying on a trial transcript, newspaper accounts, bank documents, and the correspondence of the duellists, Landale elegantly reconstructs the circumstances that forced his ancestor David Landale, at the mature age of thirty-nine, to challenge his former banker, George Morgan. David Landale, a linen merchant from the coastal town of Kirkcaldy, just north of Edinburgh, was, if anything, more reluctant than Hamilton to pick up a pistol; he didn’t even own one. But the code of honor extended to wherever men conducted business, and honor dictated that Landale challenge Morgan. The two met in a field on the morning of August 23, 1826; only one left the spot alive .- Arthur Krystal, New Yorker 6 March 2007

Wemyss, Culross & Penicuik images from Danny Carr’s original photographs  - all rights reserved.

The Last Duel team at Nobles Gate


Farewell to Scotland Katie & Tom 21 January 2007

images from Danny Carr’s original photographs    - all rights reserved

Katie & Tom’s emigration to New Zealand



Second-Hand Wedding

director Paul Murphy, line producer Honor Byrne, production manager Tom Kelly

Garage Sale Productions in association with New Zealand Film Commission

Kiwi comedy from first time director Paul Murphy, based on an original story by Nick Ward, writer of Stickmen and The Ferryman, Second-Hand Wedding follows the fortunes of the Rose family, who live on the idyllic Kapiti Coast, where the sunsets are spectacular, parking is still free and bargains abound. Jill (Brophy) and Brian (Wilson) Rose are happily married and looking forward to their daughter, primary school teacher Cheryl (Shanahan, who played Jools on Outrageous Fortune), following in their footsteps when long-time boyfriend, mechanic Stew (O’Kane), proposes. Clouds gather, however, when it becomes clear that Cheryl has issues with her mother's voracious bargain hunting, which she fears will ruin her wedding. Covering up the truth has consequences for everyone involved. Also stars NZ’s Elvis, John ‘Cheryl Moana Marie’ Rowles as himself.  Provisionally titled Garage Sale during production in August 2007, the film released as Second-Hand Wedding in May 2008 and has stayed among the weekly top ten films in New Zealand cinemas ever since.      


images from  -all rights reserved


 “We started shooting SECOND-HAND WEDDING last August with a lot of enthusiasm, determination and very little money. Everyone liked the script and things fell quickly into place allowing us to get the film in the can within four weeks” said Paul Murphy. “We then showed the NZFC a ‘rough cut’ of the film, they liked what they saw and agreed to help us complete it. This is great as we can now do post production at Park Road giving the film a finish of the highest possible standard so it can be released in cinemas later this year”.

After viewing the film Dr Ruth Harley, CEO of the New Zealand Film Commission said that she “laughed and cried in all the right places. We think this intrinsically Kiwi film about families and friends has terrific appeal and is the kind of movie that New Zealanders will enjoy seeing on the big screen”. Post production on the film is now underway at Peter Jackson’s Miramar studios. Head of Client Production at Park Road, Vicki Jackways commented “we’re absolutely delighted to be part of Paul Murphy’s first feature film. There are a lot of big productions coming our way and for many of us here it’s equally challenging and rewarding to work on New Zealand films which are often a lot smaller.” She added “Paul has shown a great understanding of his craft and our team is looking forward to contributing to the film’s success”.   This post-production work is by Academy Award nominee Michael Horton, and Michael Hopkins and Mike Hedges, both Double Academy Award winners.

Every mother wants the best for their daughter's wedding. And second-hand doesn't have to mean second best, does it?  Second-Hand Wedding is a heart-warming tale set in a time when TradeMe and e-bay threaten the primeval urge for a first-hand crack at the second-hand. Jill keeps the dream alive until she is forced to confront the habit of a lifetime and concede that no bargain is worth her daughters happiness.

 Details Comedy, Drama | 1hr 34mins | Rated [PG] contains adult themes | Country of Origin: New Zealand |


Fiona Rae interviews Paul Murphy in the New Zealand Listener 

 Second-Hand Wedding theatrical trailer

Quantas Film Award 2008: Best Actress Geraldine Brophy: Second-Hand Wedding

Quantas Film Award 2008: Best Supporting Actress Holly Shanahan: Second-Hand Wedding





The Gravy

Series 1 (2007) & 2 (2008) production manager Tom Kelly -series 3 screenings began 2009.

The Gravy is has grown to become the most downloaded show across all TVNZ channels.

Sticky Pictures for TVNZ  screened weekly 2007, 2008, late 2009 and early 2010

The Gravy is a hot, new contemporary culture show made by innovative, award-winning filmmakers Sticky Pictures, each episode takes you on a thirty minute tour through a creative Aotearoa.  Meet the talented individuals and the industries creating modern art, from fashion, visual art, dance, music, literature and more!  

images from  -   all rights reserved

Top floor of Wellington Arts Centre: home of Sticky Pictures The Gravy

Tension builds up at Quantas Film & Television Awards, Auckland September 2008

Quantas Television Award for The Gravy -first series – a first for TVNZ6


Melbourne 2008 was New Zealand’s first appearance in the Homeless World Cup. The team was organised by Street Football Aotearoa, a newly formed Charitable Trust which aims to support homeless and excluded people to train for and participate in the Homeless World Cup. In a country better known for its exploits with the oval ball than with the round one, the Trust is currently working with the New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness and Community Housing Aotearoa to promote grassroots football across the country to their members. We aim to have local training underway with players from a range of agencies supporting homeless and excluded people in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Fitness and skills training helps prepare players for the national selection trials. Selected HWC players will fit within the NZ definition of homelessness; this includes rough sleepers, those in temporary shelter, those in unsuitable accommodation or without security of tenure, and tangata whenua (people born of the land) disconnected physically or spiritually from their whanau, hapu and/or iwi.

Now the race is on to try to take a team to the 2010 Homeless World Cup in Rio





Helena Gloag actress (1909-1973)


Penicuik Exhibition: Films of Alfred Hitchcock 28 June 2008


Muriel Spark and “Rome Express”



Valleyfield House pottery

Valleyfield House organic & fairtrade food co-op

upcoming Penicuik events

Vaults Singing – Penicuik Taize Vaults

Winston Monk  New Zealand Rhodes scholar





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